Me, The Leader


Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do what you want because she wants to do it.
-Helen Storrow seminar 2013 participant-

Our second official day of the Helen Storrow Seminar started with a beautiful snowfall HSS_Leadershipon the Swiss Alps. We spent the morning outdoors doing art, sports, sledding, and many other activities that focused on discerning leadership styles.

After a lunch of salami, cheese, bread, and vegetables, the participants went on a mini-hike around Our Chalet to find facts and discussion questions about Switzerland. HSS_Leadership 2

It was amazing to find out that the Swiss use NO fossil fuels
for energy and that the culture of the Swiss is very green.

The participants discussed transportation, water, waste reduction, and more.
We spoke with references to different currencies, weight, length, and temperature, which showed how diverse our groups really were. 
HSS_Int night
At the end of the day every WAGGGS region shared specific details, songs and dances from their culture in an interactive ‘bring and share’ international evening.

The Africa region had us up on our feet dancing to a children’s folk song.
The Western Hemisphere organized a culture swap within their region and encouraged us to guess where the different cultures came from.

Europe did a very interesting trivia act working off of the “Would I lie to you?” game show. The Arab region regaled us with interesting facts and had us in stitches of welcomed laughter.

The Asia-Pacific region quizzed us on the different greetings in the represented countries and taught us the significance of their flags.

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