In depth on Environment

We started off the day outside at 8:45am Swiss time meaning five minutes before everyone was out : ), playing a counting game led by Irene, the Our Chalet Spring volunteer from Korea. It wasn’t as easy as it sounded but we got there eventually!

HSS - playing

Another action packed day started with the Environmental sessions using inspiration from the projects that different participants brought and presented the day before. We rotated in groups discussing waste and how it is produced, land management and erosion and the questions they pose, and then we role played the different stake-holders in renewable energy.

We learnt about WAGGGS e-learning program, how it is set up and how it can be of value to Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world who do not have the opportunity of going to international events such as this.
We discussed the different ways of making and promoting programs and it was clear that WAGGGS staff are constantly upgrading and adapting their programs to suit the needs of young leaders in their MOs around the world.

In the afternoon we joined games looking at the people impacted by environmental issues around the world, by creating videos presenting the new UN Water challenge pack, introducing WAGGGS and its role in World Water Day this Friday (22/03).
We then moved on to look at the different animals that are becoming extinct in our own countries and represented them with yoga moves that were very interesting! Let’s hope there are no pictures : )

Finally we went outside to do a rubbish relay looking at how easily we can sort waste and then on to Katie to learn the dance created to promote the issue of energy sustainability at COP (Conference of Parties).

We learned a lot about WAGGGS’ involvement in the MDGs especially on environmental sustainability and the role it plays in environmental conferences like COP around the world and the proof is in wording about non-formal education that was put into the UNFCCC charter in 2010; ‘we truly can make a difference’.

If we learned anything today it was that we are ten million girls with one voice that is capable of making a great change.

After that exciting activity, we had a short tea break, comprising of delicacies provided by the African Region.  The participants particularly Yanna of Antigua and Barbuda and Emilie of Denmark immensely enjoyed the delicacies.  The participants from African Region were pleased to see that their co-participants enjoyed what they’ve brought for them.

The next activity was with Ariana from the UK who talked about her role in WAGGGS and the issue of membership strategy.

She spoke about quality guiding and how we as guide leaders can encourage young women and develop guiding in our own country. We spoke about the relevance of WAGGGS in our member organizations and whether we thought we’ve increased or decreased our membership. In groups we looked at issues like how to gain new members, the barriers that prevent people joining Girl Guide groups and the competition that Girl Guiding groups have in the form of other youth groups in our respective countries.

HSS TrummerIn the evening we had the opportunity to meet the Trummer family of local wood carvers who had come down especially for a visit.

We were able to buy beautiful and unique pieces from their shop and even had our names burnt on to them, a souvenir that we can carry with us to remember our wonderful time here.

HSS - ordering some woggles for friendsWe used the evening then for free time and it was a wonderful time for people to mix, you could go outside to see a bunch of participants flying down the slopes without the aid of a sled or you could find people inside teaching each other dance from their own cultures. This sight was encouraging and we believe it incorporates the meaning of this entire seminar.

The quote of today was;

Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs -Stephen Covey-

...and it is appropriate here in a place were 29 participants have come together from 24 different countries to find their own voices and share these with each other and the guides that they will return to in their own home countries. Day three ends now with a sleepy sigh, with anticipation for tomorrow where another day of fun and adventure awaits us!

We were told that this would be the opportunity of a lifetime and so far this seminar has lived up to our expectation.

For you today,
Team I-P.L.A.N.