Stepping out of our comfort zones

To begin the day we went outside in the snow and played a few warm up games to get ourselves ready for the day’s activities.
This resulted in a lot of giggles as we tried to write numbers 1-10 with our bodiesHSS_Practice Course and get awake, alert alive with actions.

The day’s theme was to challenge ourselves and to get out of our comfort zones, for this we split into two groups by our regions. In the morning Asia-Pacific, Arab and Western Hemisphere stayed at Our Chalet and had a discussion about the current environmental problems in our regions and evaluated the seminar thus far, as well as evaluating ourselves in terms of our personal strengths and needs.

We also took this time to look at the expectations we wrote at the start of the week and were able to remove the expectations that have been fulfilled.

Europe and Africa region started the morning with an hour long walk to tHSS_Repelling off the bridgehe Adventure Park. This challenged people’s fitness however was a great way to look at the spectacular scenery that is Switzerland. Once

 we got there we had to put on our harnesses and safety equipment and began the journey of challenging ourselves mentally and physically. We got the chance to face our fears head on in a variety of ways through activities such as abseiling, zip lining and a high ropes course. The girls that were most hesitant were supported by the awesome facilitators and Our Chalet staff.


 The day was definitely an enjoyable time, with lots of great memories and we concreted friendships. We proved to ourselves that we can overcome anything and were really proud of ourselves.

Once we had finished our first activity, we had a quick lunch and Europe and Africa hiked back to Our Chalet by a different route via the village of Boden. While Asia-Pacific, Western-Hemisphere and Arab regions hiked along the river. After a whole day of being split by regions both groups were glad to see each other at Our Chalet for dinner time, we were really hungry and welcomed the cottage pie into our tummies.

 After dinner we resumed our morning giggles by talking about our experiences at the adventure park, we agreed that during the day’s activities we had learnt a lot about ourselves, each other and how to be the best we can be. 

To end the great day, we watched the movie “Ice Age 1” we compared it with climate events such as global warming. We even had popcorn! After a busy day everyone is very tired but excited for what tomorrow will bring.

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