"Together we can change the world"

As the last day of our time together at the 8th Helen Storrow Seminar dawned we were all acutely aware of how little time we had left for the fun and laughter and sisterhood that we have been building over the last week.
HSS_Action plansWe began the day with a feeling of completion looming with even the breakfast table evoking talk of last meals and final good byes. 

This morning was one of quiet reflection, review and a crystallization of our ideas with regards to the projects we are all taking back to our respective countries.

It was a day for frank discussion and honest evaluation of our projects looking at each project from every point of view, this included making a 1 minute video that helped us crystallize our true motives and goals in undertaking the initiatives we have chosen.

The theme of review and reflection was carried through the afternoon in which we evaluated our own personal growth in terms of leadership, the environment and ourselves.

HSS_Closing Ceremony
Our closing ceremony was held during Earth Hour out in the snow
overlooking the picturesque town of Adelboden. It was one of emotional sharing of what was closest to our heart's and what we would be taking home with us.

This was also a time for us to thank our incredibly generous hosts (the Our Chalet staff) as well as the WAGGGS program planning team and facilitators that have been mentoring us all week.

It is incredible to us that our time in this magical wonderland is suddenly and irrevocably finished, leaving us with a sense of both deep closeness to each other and a real sense of empowerment.

Thank you to everyone who has made this wonderful experience all that it could be for every single one of us.

For all the participants this is not a "goodbye" but a "we'll see you later". So until our paths cross again, may the road rise up to meet you, the wind be at your back and the sun light your path.

The 8th Helen Storrow Seminar participants.