Summer Events 2013 - Swiss Challenge

8 June 2013- 28 August 2013

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Girl Scouts attending Summer International Event     We believe that each Girl Guide and Girl Scout should visit a World Centre at least once in a lifetime. So start with Our Chalet, the first and the oldest WAGGGS' Centre.

Experience everything you have always imagined of the perfect Swiss:

Challenge, Adventure, Holiday,The Alps, International Event, Fun and culture, while meeting news friends and having the time of your life!

Who are the Swiss Challenge Events for?

Summer International Events  also called Swiss Challenge
are open to youth (Girl Guides, Girls and Boy Scouts) from 12-18 of age. The last event taking place from 20-28 August 2013 is open for participants from 12-26 years of age!


Hiking some of the most popular trails in Adelboden valley, rock climbing, visiting towns, evening programmes such as International night, Swiss cultural night, Games and Campfires.
International friendship, challenge, adventure fun and time of your life are guaranteed!

Check out our flyer or for a detailed programme please see the 2013 Summer Brochure.

Indoor Package cost: CHF 1085

Includes 8 nights indoor accommodation, all meals starting with the dinner on arrival day and ending with breakfast + packed lunch on the departure day, luggage transfer to and from the bus stop and all planned programme activities.

Outdoor Package cost: CHF 765

Includes 8 nights accommodation in the tent provided by Our Chalet (patrol tents can accommodate up to 7 participants) hire of the Campsite kitchen, luggage transfer to and from the bus stop and all planned programme activities.

 Dates of the Events

Swiss Challenge 2

18 - 26 June

8 nihgts

Ages 12-18

Swiss Challenge 3

29 June - 7 July

8 nights

Ages 12-18

Swiss Challenge 4

10 - 18 July

8 nights

Camping available

Swiss Challenge 5

21 - 29 July

8 nights

Camping available

Swiss Challenge 6

30 July - 7 August

8 nights

Fully booked

Swiss Challenge 7

10 - 18 August

8 nights

Camping available

Swiss Challenge 8

20 - 28 August

8 nights

Ages 12-18

How to Book?

Follow the link and submit the O
nline booking form or contact us directly at


I have learnt so much about myself at Our Chalet!
From learning my physical limits on the overnight hike, and the reward of completed effort, to learning the value of working as a team on every hike, the Chalet and the people who make it come alive have taught me more about who I am than I ever imagine possible. I’ve learned that no matter where people come from or what language they speak, girls from all over the world can unite and celebrate nature, individual abilities and the triumphs of team-work and friendship.

At Our Chalet I have learnt that Guiding isn’t just about patches and campfires, it’s about friendship, accomplishing things you never thought possible with girls across the globe. 
Erin, Summer Event participant from Indiana, USA

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