Our Chalet Mini Breaks 2014

1 January 2014- 31 October 2014

Email: info@ourchalet.ch

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Our Chalet Mini Breaks have been created so you can enjoy a fun and affordable weekend away, savouring the best what Our Chalet has to offer, spectacular Swiss Alps and the International friendship.

These package options have been tailored to best accommodate your groups age-wise and interest-wise.

During this Mini Break you will:

  • be able to discover the beauty of the mountains
  • meet new friends  and have fun
  • experience the magic of an International Guide and Scout Centre.

To best accommodate all groups, we have created three package options.

Option A: Mini Breaks 2013 2 nights, Friday – Sunday 1.5 Day & 2 Evening Programmes
Cost: 150 CHF

Option B:
3 nights, Thursday – Sunday 2 Day & 3 Evening Programmes Cost: 220 CHF

Option C: 3 nights, Friday – Monday 2 Day & 3 Evening Programmes
Cost: 220 CHF

All Mini Break packages include: Our Chalet in-house accommodation, all meals from dinner on arrival day to lunch on departure day, including complimentary breakfasts, luggage transfer on arrival and departure day.

Programme includes: One guided hike with optional activities for additional cost (full Programme Day) On-site activity day (half or full Programme Day) Swiss Night & Campfire Evening Programmes Games Evening (for groups staying 3 nights only)

Download the Our Chalet Mini Breaks Flyer and Information Pack.


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Purchase Guide & Scout transfer pass and save on transport costs! Return ticket for only 75 CHF from any point of entry in Switzerland to Our Chalet.

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