Young women to develop environmental leadership skills in India and Switzerland

9 March 2012

More than 70 Girl Guides and Girl Scouts will develop their environmental leadership skills this month at simultaneous WAGGGS events in India and Switzerland.

WLDPThe theme of the two WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP) events - being held at the World Centres Our Chalet in Switzerland and Sangam in India from 14 to 19 March - is "Young Women Leading for a Greener Future", chosen to reflect this year's World Thinking Day topic "We can save our planet".

The 32 delegates at the Helen Storrow Seminar at Our Chalet will focus on the environmental issues of today and explore ways to raise awareness and use practical skills to create change.

At Sangam the Young Women Leading for a Greener Future event will be attended by 45 participants, and aims to empower youth leaders and young women to educate, speak out, act and motivate others to take action for a greener planet. The participants will experience leadership development in the field of environmental education and advocacy.

Practical skills to take home

At the heart of both events will be the WLDP aim of giving participants practical leadership skills which they can apply in their Member Organizations or communities.

Topics will include personal development, understanding leadership, environment, advocacy and communication. Seven facilitators and staff will support delegates at each event.

The two events will link up remotely to share ideas and experiences. Technology will be a key feature, with delegates encouraged to blog and tweet regular updates and upload videos to the WAGGGS YouTube channel

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Lydia Mutare - 15 March 2012 - 6.06PM (GMT)

This is a great opportunity to meet young women from across the globe and experience the international dimension of WAGGGS. I know you will have a great time,learning and sharing experiences together. Your journey of leadership has began, have fun!!!!

Rigel Rebolledo - 14 March 2012 - 6.11PM (GMT)

Hi!! I'm enjoying this event as possible as I can, and it's a really great experience to learn about different countries and different cultures. I will try to do always my best!

Gigi from Panama.

Ruchira Jayasinghe - 14 March 2012 - 1.06AM (GMT)

Hope you have fun, make friendships and above all, discover your potential. Share what you learn with your sister girl guides and girl scouts, back home!

Ruchira Jayasinghe
Member/ Asia Pacific Committee

Prisca (Mdagascar) - 12 March 2012 - 4.31PM (GMT)

Participants are coming all the way to India...everyone is so nice and friendly...this week is just going to be huge for all of us...great continuation to all...and big up for the GGGS in Our Chalet as well!

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