Wish list

Help us with donating some of these items:

Programme Supplies

  • Waterproof Jackets and Trousers (good quality)
  • Head Torches / Flashlights
  • Black Paper (A4 size)
  • Construction Paper (differerent colours)
  • Board Games, Puzzles etc
  • Coloured Yarn / Wool
  • Scooby-Do Lacing 
  • Thermos Flasks (approx 1.5 litre) for use on Programme
  • GPS devices for Geocacaching activities
  • Airboards & Sledges
  • Ski equipment
  • Resource Materials (on leadership, environment and education)

Catering Supplies

  • Oven mitts (non flammable, long armed)
  • Kitchen t-towels (to dry dishes)
  • Air tight plastic containers (such as Tupperware)

First aid (non-medicinal)

  • Blister plasters (band aids for blisters)
  • Antiseptic wipes and cream
  • Steristrips
  • Colored Band aids (adhesive/sticky plaster)
  • Medium to large size Band aids (adhesive/sticky plaster)
  • Small Instant hot/cold packs
  • Mini CPR masks (keyring size)
  • Fenistil Gel (Antipruritic, antihistaminic, antiallergic cream)

Office Supplies

  • Laminating sheets or pouches (A4 and A3 size)
  • Adapters for Switzerland and converters from 110 to 220 Volts
  • White masking tape – different widths
  • Plastic Pouches (A4 and USA sizes)
  • Permanent markers
  • White board markers
  • Sharpie Fine Point Marker pens - All colours

Grounds and Maintenance

  • Trangia sets (patrol outdoor cooking & eating sets)

Project Learning Tree Curriculum Guides:

  •             Secondary Curriculum
  •             Biodiversity Module
  •             Focus on Forests Module
  •             Forests of the World Module
  •             Focus on Risk Module

  • Portable Radio & Hi-Fi device with an Ipod dock
  • Fabric scissors
  • Button Maker
  • Hand Blender (220 volts - preferably with a Swiss style plug, though we can use adaptors)
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • A Piano Tuner

Please note, we have minimal space at Our Chalet to place all of the lovely gifts we have received across the years. As such, we request that no further ornamental gifts are donated.

Thank you in advance for your generous donation!